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Corporate Yoga

Bring movement and mindfulness to the workplace to enhance focus, ingenuity and create a culture that supports the physical and mental health of your community. ​Yoga and meditation are effective ways to regulate the nervous system which boosts immunity, prevents burnout and helps practitioners to be more energy efficient and productive. Interested in more details about yoga and meditation classes in Los Angeles and via Zoom to bring resources to support the success of your company? Let's connect!

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions customized to suit your body's and schedueles unique needs. Common ways I support clients:

-Increase stability and mobility for functional movement 

-Support recovery after injury, surgery or illness 

-Sharpen focus and mental clarity 

-Regulate emotions for healthier, more fulfilling relationships 

-Reduce stress for overall wellbeing

Special Event Yoga

Birthday, bachelorette, bridal - whatever it be!  Movement to celebrate and connect with your people (or pets). Customized packages tailored to bring your vision to life. 

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